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Spotify Playlist // Synthpop Galore

Of course we listen to a lot of music ourselves and we would like to keep you inspired. That's why we are curators of our own playlists and from today you can follow Synthpop Galore. In this playlist you can find artists like M83, Fever Ray, LCD Soundsystem, Bat for Lashes, Björk, MGMT, and much more. Our own allies will be featured too. 

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We exist!

Mind:The:Gap exists and we are extremely excited to share this with you! Mind:The:Gap is a music collective for Dutch artists who operate in the gap between mainstream and underground music. We are here to connect them, to share their music with you and to give them the opportunity to collaborate with fellow artists. At this moment our allies are LIJO and Pocket Knife Army, who are also the founders of Mind:The:Gap. Currently we're talking with several bands to join the collective and by the end of this year we hope our group of allies is much bigger. 

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What started out as a writing session ending in sharing whiskey now has grown to what we dare to call a Different Kind Of Music Label.
All ideals are born from the urge to make a difference. We, Mind:The:Gap initiators, found each other in our belief that Things Take Time. We don’t want to preach, seem bitter or pretend to know it all. We can not deny, though, that looking around us many seem to Live Fast, Die Young.


We want to live slow and die old. That’s why we fight for a constructive, long term relationship with the love of our lives: music. Don’t get us wrong: we absolutely love the crazy amount of talented artists and the many ways music can reach an audience these days. What we are not so fond of: the anonymity, the numbers game, the algorithms that drown out great artists and bands and the shooting stars that disappear again in a heartbeat.
(The Daily Indie wrote a column on this subject, roughly translated titled ‘..and then I’m like, “Something doesn’t totally work out here.” (https://www.thedailyindie.nl/column-dan-denk-ik-er-gaat-iets-niet-helemaal-goed/) and we think it’s dead-on. Unfortunately you have to either speak Dutch or trust a translating app to understand it.)


That’s where some Wild Ideas were born. A traveling festival for those just outside the Big Spotlight. A collective for like-minded artists to share knowledge and ideas, and support and help each other grow. An international community. Setting up Mind:The:Gap tours for our connected bands and artists.

And the best part is, we are not scared of by those Wild Ideas. Because we believe Things Take Time and we have that time. We are not pressured by hip & happening, by trends and fickle fires. We are slowly building and the first step is throwing Mind:The:Gap into the big wide world and before we know it, some of those wild ideas might have become achievements.